• September 26, 2018


UFO India – UFO sightings in India, Videos and Images – Ufo 2018. See here, Aliens, new images and UFO sightings in India, Area 51, stunning images of UFOs, ships and extraterrestrial beings. Ufo 2018.

UFOs have been appearing all over the world. In India, the sightings are constant, we see many reports of people who saw up close, aliens, UFOs and aliens. However, most of the reports are heard by people living in the rural zoram and have seen UFOs closely on their ships.

Aliens are invading! They are not starting in Roswell, they are not exploding in the White House, and they are not attacking Area 51.


You can see here, every truth you do not know about UFOs. Ufoindia shares videos, images, reports, testimonials from people who saw UFOs in India. They are all part of this, UFOs are on the ground and many people do not know that.

In Area 51 is one of the biggest secrets kept on UFOs in history. It is in area 51 that according to some scholars that the nasa and united states, maintains contact with the UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Join the UFO site here to learn the truth about UFOs and Area 51. Everyone knows NASA has always kept a secret, but after a long time people are waking up and have begun to reverse UFO phenomena. There are thousands upon thousands of appearances around the world, the cameras captured these beings from another world.

Ufo 2018

All about UFOs. All reports of apparitions, visits and UFO sightings from India and all. If you do not believe in UFOs, the truth is that this can not change anything! UFOs are indifferent to India.

Today every day people are spotting UFOs, but do not say that this is happening more often, there are thousands of UFO videos and images filmed in India and in the region.

They are there, you should not play, anytime you can also see an alien or a flying dico in the yard or in the garden of your house, stay alert with the UFOs.

UFO Videos

UFO videos latest UFO sightings in India and around the world. Check out the new videos and news on UFOs, UFO filming of mobile comedy. Scary UFO videos to watch think.

Video Responses

Something is wrong with the speeds. The fact that the aircraft is high and the clouds seem almost immobile, this is correct. But the UFO is moving perpendicular to the plane. The one who flew at least once, probably noticed how instantly the plane is approaching. Second and there are none. The situation depicted could only be real if the UFO were simply mortally large, about one kilometer in diameter, and moving with hypersonic velocity along the upper edge of the clouds. But then the atmospheric effects would be visible, unless it is a complete graft. If a UFO is flying close to an airplane by a crosswalk, it will disappear in 1 to 2 seconds.There is a truth, the possibility that it is moving at an acute angle to the course of the aircraft. EEAMASG )

He can not leave anything in space if he moves according to Einstein’s theory of “Distortion of space”. And, on the contrary, flights can not be explained so fast. According to the theory … it can move anywhere, at any speed, even exceeding the light … and even the cloud does not even come close. We know nothing … just think ..  Maxim Vinnichenko )

Is the video above true? That is the question for everyone. There really are a lot of videos about UFOs across the country, which makes it difficult to identify the real videos. On YouTube are posted thousands of UFO videos daily, and many of them are fake. Now it’s up to each of them to play whether the video is true or not.

Spacecraft filmed in China in March 2018

New sighting of sheep in China in March 2018. This is a real video shot from the window of an airplane in March of that year. The video had many points of view and continues to be seen and questioned around the world. Is this an alien spacecraft?



Do you worry about 8 hours? I’ve listened to them for over 30 years. It all depends on where the Chinese come from. The Chinese of mainland China are the worst. Singapore, Hong Kong and Chinese Macau are very decent and respectful and a lot less noisy. I always keep a set of earplugs with me that I use in a job ….. (  ferrumequus88  )

I am the only one or someone else noticed the other pictures in the background in the distance, they were very dark objects flying in the air too and there was a third who dived into the clouds and climbed you barely able to see them but they are dark and unidentifiable. Antoinette Coia  )

There are many videos of UFOs from India, China, USA, Brazil and many other countries. Images of UFOs 2018.


Giant UFO video

This is a new video of a giant UFO filmed in 2018. To see the real picture but we are not sure that it is true, it may be a large alien spacecraft that is on Earth.

DavidB Wms Reported

Very good filming, I believe in this infinite universe, galaxy! We are not the only living beings formed by GOD. Knowing this now that the government can not keep these activities secret any longer. Facts or fictions come to play with our imagination, with that in mind, be careful what you observe and hear. Yes we are not alone This is not new, Surprising but not new … Enjoy your show. Ps this is not a put down to just becareful anyone’s experiences.

Vlad replied

Because of you pidaras because of you that here is this video made and put people start not to believe in another world in the other because every son of a bitch spreads I will explain the boat shines that is near the city can be seen in home settlement and not anyone who has not seen sfotkal no news about this you when doodles think

The UFO Truth – Ufoindia

I particularly do not believe there is life on other planets, extraterrestrial, alien, ethical, and so on. We read in the sacred bible that God created us the Heavens and land the seas and everything in them and finally made man. Based on the word of God we are the only abitantes of the earth.

You may not believe what I say now, but it’s the truth about UFOs, these unidentified flying objects, they are demons sent by Satan to make men believe that there are eliens and extraterrestrials.

UFOs, aliens, reptiles and everything else are just different forms of demons, period. Proverbs 11:14 And make no mistake, for Satan himself is changed into an angel of light.

there are no strangers

You are 100% correct, there are no aliens, UFOs etc. All government propaganda and NASA lies. The earth is flat, with the firmament also known as dome, so it is a closed system, there is no outer space. We can not leave the earth and above the dome is the water., Below the earth is the great depth aka more water. The dome has windows / floodgates and they were opened along with the Great Depth when the land was flooded during the days of Noah.

Genesis 7:11
In the sixtieth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, in that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken, and the windows of heaven were opened. KJV

In the sixtieth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the same day all the fountains of the great deep were opened and the floodgates of heaven opened. NASB

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