Talk About Most serious dog diseases With Your Veterinarian

Just like humans, animals, are prone to developing health risks too. You could be offering the best lifestyle and your pet may still suffer. The following dog diseases are very common. Keep an eye out for them and conduct regular pet wellness exams to ensure that they’re not a risk.  


Diabetes is usually a risk in dogs with unhealthy diets. However, sometimes, it can surprise you even after a clean diet plan was followed. The age factor also contributes to the risk of diabetes.  


Rabies isn’t as common as it used to be due to the widespread rabies dog shot. However, some dogs are still likely to develop rabies. It is a fatal disease so you must keep an eye out for its symptoms.  

Periodontal diseases 

Dental diseases usually arise due to the lack of effort on the owner’s part. If animal dental cleaning isn’t regular, plaque and tartar can start eating up the teeth. Gum diseases also arise from here. If your dog has stinky breath, you must visit an animal hospital in Kyle such as this one on WordPress immediately.

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Dogs that suddenly lose their energy are likely to be affected by arthritis. It is a condition of the joints but it can be treated if diagnosed in the early stages. Certain supplements and treatments such as acupuncture can help a lot in this condition. 


Heartworm or dirofilariasis is a fatal disease. In this condition, up to 300 worms can attack the heart and blood vessels of the dog. It is a very painful disease. The good thing is that heartworm treatment is possible. Visit any pet care clinic nearby to get your dog’s heartworm treatment started.  

Flea and tick 

Fleas and ticks can find a home on your pet’s fur. It is a very irritable condition that neither the pet likes nor the owner. You can use flea and tick preventative shampoo to stay away from this problem.  


Overfeeding dogs is a more common problem than you can imagine. Pet parents tend to overfeed their dogs out of love. They are afraid of causing a hindrance in their growth which is why they never limit the meal sizes. Obesity can be very dangerous. It can lead to worse problems such as heart diseases, arthritis, and can lower the animal’s lifespan too.  


Parvovirus or parvo is more common in dogs who do not get dog vaccinations. Minimize the risk of this harsh disease by taking your pet to an animal care clinic and getting all mandatory dog shots done.  


This disease can affect big dogs as well as puppies. Visit small animal Kyle vet to find appropriate help to tackle this neurological disease. It is a painful condition that causes high fevers and nasal discharge. Dogs that survive this condition still suffer from seizures and other long-term effects. 

Schedule regular visits to our nearby veterinary clinic serving Kyle and Buda Texas to make sure your dog isn’t vulnerable to any of these problems. Simply search online for ‘pet clinics near me’ to find the nearest professional available. To have your pet checked, contact Dr. Stephanie Murphree at (512) 269-0738.

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